Let’s talk about how GREAT independent women are – The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 226


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(NSFW) Getting racism, misogyny, and feminism all in one podcast. Yusef pulls his wife and mom into a think piece about independent women and talks about poop porn ads…

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The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 67 – How do I pimp when I work nights?

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Aung and Yusef talk about a man using the nursing home he works at as a brothel, a pageant winner telling people she had cancer for donations, a Chinese nanny being treated like a slave in Minnesota, TNT Jackson the Kung Fu movie, Aung Explains “Anarcho-capitalism”, a man moving his daughter to Saudi Arabia and locking her up because she kissed a guy, and a man who makes graffiti tags legible.

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The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 66 – To hell with both candidates!

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Aung and Yusef discuss their irritation with #hilaryclinton and #donaldtrump shenanigans. We also discuss the history of french fries and potatoes, why Flash is scarier than Superman, the heavy handed feminism in the Wonder Woman trailer, and a man pretending to care about his assailant after knocking him out and posting a selfie of him on facebook.

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