I’m about done with german women

So there is this blog that my wife told me about where this dude praises his german wife to the heavens. She gets a little charge out of it. But I have been around a lot of german women in my family and I gotta admit. A lot of these women hate men. So here is the deal…

Germany is a bit of a Matriarchal society. Women have a lot of power because when that wars happened, Germany lost a lot of their men. So women stepped up and handled business. That is a good thing. What is NOT good is this Vagina club they got going on. It’s borderline lesbianism. Which is also fine. BE A LESBIAN. Just stop acting like you like dude when really you are just trapping guys into hateful relationships because you want to pretend that you like guys.

I mean after a while you start to wonder how Germans even can stand themselves. I knew an Argentine man once that didn’t marry and argentine woman SPECIFICALLY because of how bitchy they were. I have no idea if that is true. But I do know that Germans are mostly asshole that have it baked into society that everything is this secret just so that we all don’t know that they are total assholes.

I could give you plenty of anecdotal evidence just based on the “All women are right” horse shit that goes on in my wifes family. How my wifes mom chased her dad away to the point where he had another relationship and was going on group trips with this woman and my mother in law was so ignorant that she didn’t know for YEARS….YEARS!!!

I mean I know now how he was treated and even though my wife painted him out to be an asshole I met the dude and he seems to care about his daughter. He had a train collection where he made a bunch of him and we are talking about mason level mastery of this craft. They started talking about him like he only cared about the trains. But its like…how did your mom treat your dad. Because I kinda see it. Like he wanted to hang with YALL but your mom was always there being a bitch. But now that I’m dealing with my wife I can tell she’s just like a little bitch minime.

Its really sorry because she doesn’t have a life of her own. She’s just benchmarking her family members. She just tries to be her mom and aunt and fails at it all the time. Then she is spiteful about not feeling accomplished when she’s failing at being someone else. Like she can’t even fathom that she has her own soul. So now when I do things and I succeed all she has is hate. Then they be acting like this is how german women are. A bunch of fuckin karens that don’t think anything is funny.

Now I had a podcast and I used to yell into a mic to make me feel better. But I accepted who she was and dealt with it. But now shes an old bitter prune of a woman behind some glasses she thinks make her look younger and she doesn’t want to have sex and she never says anything nice and she is trying to make it seem like I’m not doing my duties as a husband and a father. I’m fuckin tired of it. Don’t marry german women. They color their hair well into their 80s so they just look like a wrinkled face woman with a wig on, they talk all sorts of shit and when their man does things that makes them successful, they just sit around pissed off and then they say mean shit because he is happy. Why would anyone want that???

So I’m making a fail blog here for my wife. When I had the podcast my mother in law was all like “hey people will know how you feel about my daughter blah blah blah” But my life is hell with her in it and I don’t want to harss my friends anymore.

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