German White privilege

So here is an interesting trick for you. My wife follows this rule that a lot of german women follow call “We don’t talk about me being a bitch.”

Here is how it works. They try to get men to subscribe to not talk about them being a bitch. But if you get upset outwardly the rule is still supposed to apply. THIS WAY you look like an abusive dude because you are upset at some shit your wife did to you. But if you tell people why you are mad you are in the wrong because “SHHHHH! We don’t talk about your wife being a bitch.”

Now I get tired of it because my wife could stab me in the throat for no reason and I could be like “WHY THEY FUCK!!?!” Then she rolls around in the floor like I DID SOMETHING TO HER. Like I cussed after she stabbed me and everyone is like “Why are you cussing” Yo…she stabbed me! “SHHHHH! We don’t talk about your wife being a bitch.”

It gets worse because people start to give you advice because you are always complaining about being stabbed by your wife. And she gets mad about it.

“Stop making your wife mad”

“She should probably stop stabbing me with a knife”


Its the dumbest shit ever. Like nothing ever gets resolved because this bitch is on the loose torturing me and everyone just gives her a hug and looks at me mean. It happens all the time. They all act like its the right thing to do but its fucked up to take sides without context. Even if it was my own children I would try to get the context of their relationshit problems before I defend.

What normally happens is that people come after me so much I just tell them that their niece/daughter/daughter in law is fucked up, fill in the context, and then they leave me the fuck alone. I mean otherwise they would have to be an accessory to my wifes abusive nature. But my Aunt in law THINKS that my wife is like her. She takes pride in it. But it isn’t true. My wife stumbles through life pretending she knows what she is doing and when she has control of things she totally blows them off. Because all she wants is control.

She’s a hoarder, she gave me a room in the house with holes in it, wasting all the heating and ac, She neglects me as her husband, my kids are 5 and 7 and she still sleeps with them, sometimes she forgets to feed them and I have to swoop in.

Recently her aunt was here and she brought her aunt to watch a tennis match. but really it was to have her aunt babysit the kids in 90 degree weather. I came to the match (which I didn’t get credit for because it goes against the asshole husband narrative) and every 15 minutes this woman auntie who is bored shitless in 90 degree weather keeps walking up to me like “Your wife said it would be 2 hours. its been 3 and a half. can you do something for your children. its not about me…its your kids.”

I give them my wifes car to drive home and drive my wife home. I’m the asshole of the year.

Later than week I get partnered on youtube. Which is kinda cool. Before I got happy my wife talks shit about it. Saying I worked 14 years for 50 bucks. My aunt comes in because I’m pissed my own wife is hating on me so brazenly. she just sits there. So I stomp off and get mad later and tell her I will remember it forever. Which I will. There is no one I tell the story to that doesn’t think my wife is not an ass. Man or woman. Like my kids were like “Thats so cool!”

Flashback: once I decided to be a tennis teacher. I got my certification and went out to two jobs for an interview. I got BOTH of them the same day. I came home and said it was divine intervention, my wife says its not. Because she can’t STAND that god thought I was special for five seconds. Later on she wants to get married and I want to have a small marriage. ALL THE SUDDEN marriage is about showing THE LORD about how fuckin special she is. Horse shit.

So now if I do well I just keep it a secret. That kids and me go off and have fun, its a secret. Because my wife is a bitch that hates that people can have fun without her even though when shes there she makes everything lame and boring as hell.

I’m not saying I’m super interesting, but if you invite me to a party and I go I’m not going to sit in a corner and watch my cell phone pretending that I’m answering emails then come up with an excuse to leave early. Then leave thinking I did YOU a favor. Thats all im saying.

One thought on “German White privilege

  1. I remember listening to marriage vows, and the Preacher said, “And 2 became 1”. I said, to myself, that is mathematically impossible. (I certainly hope they do not try to be one.) It is so difficult to thoroughly know ourselves; I am still doing things I did not remember knowing how to do. So how feasible is it for us to think we know and/or understand someone else.
    I was told one time that a relationship requires tolerating each other. I feel, that each individual is so massively complex, expecting a calm or smooth relationship with one is asking a lot.

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