Sperm bomb? Call the cops! – The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 144

scrupulous woman

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The podcast where reading news articles reminds us of other dumb stuff. (Its going to be one of those podcasts) Yusef talks about a police officer handing sober people DUIs, a woman calls the cops because she thinks her sperm thermos will explode, a politician has a wierd fetish, illegal immigrant boys aqcuitted of rape charges, a man accidentally texts his P.O. for a heroine deal, a woman maces a McDonald’s manager over french fries, etc…

Official Site: http://www.craftyacuity.org
Audio Site: http://theincidentaltangent.podbean.com/
Group Site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TITPodcast/
Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKeZXjl7OyicQF8U9iOYJeA

Email: yusef.crowe@gmail.com
Twitter: @craftyacuity, @mikotomyat

Kronicle – 2 Minutes
Joakim Karud – Holiday Blues
Cosmo Fogg – Jazzaddicts Intro


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